Material Aid Project

Footwear, Socks, Orthotic Devices and Foot Care Kits

Footscape provides Podiatry endorsed footwear, socks, orthotic devices and foot care kits to disadvantaged persons including homeless persons, financially disadvantaged children, asylum seekers, First Nations persons and victims of domestic violence. Painful foot problems affecting such persons are accentuated if individuals are unable to access these important materials.

Since 2009 Footscape has proudly:

Distributed 90,000 pairs of shoes and socks.

Distributed 4,000 foot care kits to people experiencing homelessness, asylum seekers and First Nations People to promote foot health.

Distributed 400 pairs of orthotic devices, predominately to financially disadvantaged children encountering foot problems.

Material Aid Request

Requests for material aid may be completed by Footscape Affiliates. Eligible Podiatrists and Orthotists may apply to become an affiliate in order to make requests on behalf of people encounting foot health problems.