Footscape Objectives

Podiatry Care

To serve economically disadvantaged individuals in need of foot and lower limb medical care.

Health Promotion

To address the social and medical determinants of foot pathology within settings of Australian disadvantaged and Indigenous communities and developing communities abroad.

Professional Development

To provide podiatrists and other health professionals involved in lower limb pathologies with opportunities for self-development through exposure to developing communities.


To advance foot and lower limb research within developing communities.


To educate, train and provide awareness for the incorporation of podiatric principles and practices.


To raise funds for the operating and capital monies for the works of the Association.

Our Projects

Footscape is working in conjunction with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to promote foot health and wellbeing for their recipients of care.

Footscape is funding orthotic devices for financially disadvantaged children encountering foot problems.

Footscape is informing, educating and motivating Podiatrists, other health professionals and the greater community in regards to foot health inequity.

Footscape is supporting Equatorial Opportunities to promote Diabetic foot care practices in the country of Nauru.

Footscape is providing footwear, socks and foot care kits for disadvantaged persons encountering painful foot problems.

Footscape is supporting Walk For Life in treating clubfoot amongst disadvantaged children in Bangladesh.

How You Can Help

Footscape welcomes contributions from all members of the community interested in alleviating the burden of foot pathology in disadvantaged communities. There are several options available for you to help.