The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has become the largest provider of aid, advocacy and health services for asylum seekers in Australia. The Centre works directly with asylum seekers living in our community to provide direct aid and support as they await an outcome of their refugee determination application in Australia. The Centre also campaigns and lobbies on behalf of asylum seekers and all Australians who want to see change to policies that result in a more compassionate response to the plight of asylum seekers in Australia. Most importantly, at times of despair and hopelessness, the Centre is there to offer comfort, friendship, hope and respite.

The new premises of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Since 2012 Footscape has been providing pro bono Podiatry clinical services for members of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. During this period Footscape has concurrently sourced new footwear, new socks, orthotic devices and foot care kits to promote delivery of care at no cost to members.