The Footscape committee is comprised of dedicated volunteers encompassing skills and experiences from community development, public health, financial and information technology backgrounds. The governing committee currently comprises Anthony Lewis (President), Chalerm Tuantab (Vice President), Jing Yang (Secretary), Charles Lewis (Treasurer), Alison Reed, Brianna High, Daniel Bryant, James Copes, Rebecca Rosel and Stephanie Morrice.

Committee Profiles

President - Anthony Lewis

Since completing his Bachelor of Podiatry at La Trobe University in 2000 Anthony Lewis has worked in a range of Australian healthcare settings serving marginalised population groups predisposed to foot pathology.

His passion for working with disadvantaged communities deepened during four respective volunteer experiences abroad in India, Samoa, Kiribati and Nauru. Observing first-hand the startling implications of debilitating foot pathology upon the most vulnerable has motivated Anthony to establish Footscape and systemically alleviate this increasing burden.

Anthony has completed further post graduate studies extending to a Master of Public Health at Flinders University and Graduate Certificate in Wound Care at Monash University.

Vice President - Chalerm Tuantab

Chalerm graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University in 2015.

Chalerm's drive and passion surrounding healthcare revolves around the idea that everyone deserves the ability to receive it - regardless of their social or financial situation. He was first attracted to Footscape as a University student, and offered the chance to help the greater Melbourne area with his degree and knowledge in healthcare.

Chalerm is also an advocate in public and community awareness and is always open to speaking at public forums. In addition to Footscape he has established two clinics in Melbourne and works for National Premier League soccer clubs. Chalerm is well travelled and has seen the diverse social gradients of the world.

Secretary - Jing Yang

Jing joined Footscape as an ordinary member during 2014 and took on the role of Secretary in 2016.

Working as a Podiatrist in the regional public sector he has observed first-hand the effects of poor foot health upon overall quality of life for individuals and their families. As such Jing feels incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to assist and participate in meaningful projects which aim to improve the quality of life for individuals from lower social economic backgrounds.

Jing concurrently brings experience as a General Manager of an e-commerce company and wider roles in the Podiatry industry.

Treasurer - Charles Lewis

Charles has served as Footscape Treasurer since it’s establishment in 2009. Spending his working career as a Certified Practising Accountant Charles recently retired as an Investment Manager at VicSuper.

Throughout his life he has been a champion of philanthropy by volunteering with numerous charitable organisations, sporting clubs and community groups.

Charles has been married to Elizabeth for forty-six years, has four children and six grandchildren. He is proud to be working alongside his son Anthony and helping less fortunate people experiencing foot problems.