Since 2009 Footscape has been assisting disadvantaged individuals and communities encountering debilitating foot problems. During this period Footscape has proudly:

  • Delivered pro bono Podiatry services for members of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre since 2012.
  • Distributed 31,000 pairs of new socks/new footwear/second-hand footwear to homeless persons, asylum seekers, financially disadvantaged children, Aboriginal persons and victims of domestic violence at over fifty affiliate organisations.
  • Distributed 700 foot care kits to homeless persons, asylum seekers and Aboriginal persons to promote foot health.
  • Distributed 300 pairs of orthotic devices, predominately to financially disadvantaged children encountering foot problems.
  • Participated in international foot care projects.

Footscape is led by Chief Executive Officer Anthony Lewis and a Governing Committee comprised of dedicated volunteers encompassing skills and experiences from community development, public health, financial and information technology backgrounds. The 2020/21 committee comprises Lucy Gillivour (President), Daniel Bryant (Vice President), James Copes (Treasurer), Stephanie Crookston (Secretary), Zachary Michalowski, Phil Norman and Molly Thomson.